Code Libraries

Currently we only support PHP code libraries to interact with our API, we hope you will find them useful! If you have a question about these libraries or wish to submit one of your own, please contact us via apiteam[at]


  • VBOUT API (Official PHP Library on GitHub) - please click here to download the package.

Code Example

Using the VBOUT API package is very easy and simple, just follow the next example:

- After downloading the files from Github, you must include the classes you need to use, for example:

<?php require_once('../src/services/ApplicationWS.php'); ?>

- Next you have to get a key from your account and assign it to the class.

   $user_key = array('api_key' => '{YOUR_API_KEY}');

   $app = new ApplicationWS($user_key);

- Finaly, call the appropriate function you want to use.

   $results = $app->getBusinessInfo();

   	 Example results:
		"businessName": "Loft Hotels",
		"contactName": "Paul Downy",
		"phoneNumber": "212-400-7133",
		"vboutName": "Loft-corporate",
		"package": "Franchise"
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